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Winter’s snow could lay on the ground
Covering all we don’t care much to see
Until warm weather comes around
Restoring our lost memory

Trees might provide shelter and shade
But death never strays from what grows
Despite any of the efforts we’ve made
Planting our best intentions in rows

A shadow’s life can only be cast
By the absence of what sunlight can give
Opposites needed like future to past
All counting on the other to live


If life is the price of silver
Will love lead me to gold today?
Or is the price of happiness far too precious
That it would lead honest men astray?
Since wealth often takes from humility
Giving virtue to that of disgrace
Leaving the poor man to walk on with humanity
While the rich ones keep each in their place

... As well as many short stories


... So here he stands in Skelter Square, alone on a beautiful warm evening, but only feeling as cold as the metal of the gun in his hand. While staring off beyond the couple and everyone else dancing, he slowly raises the gun to his temple as a tear runs down his cheek. Scanning the crowd from right to left, he notices a girl ahead to his left. She’s beautiful and innocent, yet sad. She’s also the only one who’s ever looked him in the eyes. It seems as if she’s trying to reach out to him while offering compassion through her gaze. Playing on his emotions, his mind creates a picture of him and her as the couple dancing. This throws him off as his hand jerks before the gun goes off ...


... I’m standing in front of the oddest building ever with one of my best friends by my side. Chad may not know it, but this place is weirder than he could ever be, and that’s a compliment. I’m not sure how we found it, but apparently it’s some kind of behavioral rehab asylum that was built on the side of a mountain. Not only is it an up-to-date and running facility, but it also doubles as a museum. To be honest, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to tour this place and buy memorabilia, but here we are.

Apparently it was the architect’s idea to create a place where there would be many floors, but none would be directly above or below the other, even though it transcended several levels while making its way up the mountainside. For this reason, the different areas are referred to as levels and not floors. After its construction was finished, it looked like a figure eight from above. I bet the contractors thought the project would take forever.

So in we go ...

poetry and short story samples

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