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Colin Honert never imagined that he’d pursue and actually become a poet and an author, but in time he accomplished both. He also never thought he’d be writing in the third person, but found out that’s how it’s recommended to write the author biography. So even though he feels like the character Jimmy from Seinfeld, Colin doesn’t mind, but instead finds it quite amusing.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Colin was raised by his amazing parents, Gene and Carol. His older brother Kevin turned out to be quite amazing too, once the two of them grew out of their childhood tussles. He experienced a healthy upbringing - boy scouts, family vacations, losing Matchbox cars in the sandbox, Atari, making snow forts, going to the swimming pool, and of course, Legos.

After graduating from Hempfield High School, Colin went on to Shippensburg University where he graduated with a major in sociology and a minor in psychology before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. He lived in the queen city for approximately ten years, where he began his career in IT. Unfortunately, his college studies didn’t line up with what became his career goal, but there might come a day when computers will develop feelings, which would put him in the perfect position to assist. Colin can only hope.

Throughout his life, Colin’s interests have ranged from BMX to tennis, skiing, billiards, mountain biking, golf, music, and movies. However, BMX was what he loved the most, and for over 15 years he traveled all up and down the east coast to compete. Even though his racing days got cut short, he soon discovered mountain biking, which has done much more than fill the void. Everyone has their escapes, and for Colin, he always enjoys being on a bike and in the woods.

Of course, everything wasn’t always hunky dory either. There was heartbreak, loss, failures, and times of overall uncertainty. Maybe it was from these low periods that he began writing as another healthy way to escape. Or maybe it was due to a culmination of things. So whether it was fate, free will, or alien intervention, Colin’s really not sure, but is just thankful for the discovery.

As for publishing another book, Colin has many unfinished pieces that could be combined into another collection. He’s optimistic that any new ideas or types of writing might also present themselves in due time. Until then, please enjoy MindSpring and may it inspire whatever awaits you. Colin can only hope.

The process of writing, editing, and finally publishing this book has been both arduous and rewarding

I'd like to thank everyone who's supported me in this endeavor, especially my father and brother

I also want to give credit and thanks to Dog Ear Publishing and Groft Design

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