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front and back cover of MindSpring book

I suspect you may have a few questions about my book, so let’s start from the top with the idea of MindSpring.

Basically, MindSpring is the idea that there is some kind of creativity within us that may never be discovered. This creativity could be writing, music, art, film, video, or some other form of artistic expression. The downside is that it may never be discovered, either due to time, motivation, resources, confidence, ability, or some other obstacle.

Now that you know what the idea MindSpring means, let’s move on to my book and why it is my MindSpring.

I never imagined myself becoming a poet or an author, and certainly never thought I’d publish a book. However, the number of pieces I’d written grew, along with my confidence in their worth. After tossing around the idea that I had enough material for a book, and while receiving support from my friends, I finally decided to publish. There were several obstacles along the way, so the chance that I’d never carry through with it was always imminent. Thankfully, I persevered, and the feeling of accomplishment from the experience has been like no other.

At this point you're probably wondering what my book is about, so let me explain.

MindSpring is comprised of many writing styles, which you might say would make it a novel idea that everyone can enjoy. The subjects within cover a wide realm of emotions and ideas, some of which might be familiar, while others new. Their wandering journey will subtly entice you to follow along as they touch on the many aspects of life, death, and the places in between and beyond. These are also some of the reasons why my book stands out from others, since the stories and ideas are presented in more than one way. I’m sure you’ll find MindSpring to be not only intriguing and thought provoking, but also a collection you can enjoy over and over again.

My MindSpring book and the idea are not just about me though, so let me explain how you can relate to them.

I’m sure many of you have had creative thoughts at some point in your life, but never acted on them. I’d also be willing to bet that my book and idea could bring them back to the surface of your memory. So if you’re thinking about them again, there’s a chance you’re wondering what might come if you did something with them this time. My hope is for you to be able to appreciate yourselves in other ways, even if you choose not to pursue whatever creativeness you have had bubbling up inside.

I’d love to hear what your MindSpring is and if you’ve decided to unlock an unexplored side of yourself. It's never too late to find out where your imagination might take you, so make 2019 your year.


Colin Honert

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Even though MindSpring is a new idea that's not listed in the dictionary yet, below would be its formal definition

Mindspring tree icon
MindSpring (mind-spring), n, 1. a wealth of imagination or creativity within someone that may never find an outlet. 2. a form of eccentricity that is kept hidden, either on purpose or due to circumstances.

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